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Understanding the Difference between Embassy and Consulate

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In case, you ever travelling or residing in a large city, you may have come across embassies and consulates. These would be big and important-looking buildings. These buildings would often be old and dignified. These would be located on tree-lined boulevards that would be surrounded by plenty of guards. However, are you aware of the difference between the two buildings? In case, you plan on travelling or you have been contemplating on moving to another country, you need to be familiar with not only where the embassy and consulate of your country is, but also what they do and what differentiates them.

Understanding the difference between embassy and consulate

The Embassy has been an important link between the governments of two nations. It would also be known as diplomatic mission. It has been the permanent link between two nations. For instance, the Canadian embassy could be seen in most nations. It would be a manner of representing the interests of the Canadians living in those respective nations. The head of the embassy would be known as the ambassador. The ambassador would serve as the representative and mouthpiece of the government in foreign nation. The embassies would be required to attend to the various diplomatic necessities of their respective country along with providing to the services of their citizens living in other nations.

What is a consulate?

The consulate would provide almost similar functions to that of the embassy. However, it would be without the banner of operating under the diplomatic aegis of the nation. The consul would be the head of the consulate. The consulate would be required to foster trade between nations. They would be required to provide services similar to those of the embassy to various citizens of its nation living abroad. These services would be inclusive of issuance of visas along with representing the necessities of expatriate citizens.

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