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The Manager as Coach

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Within my role as consultant, I’m frequently requested whether great managers work well coaches therefore, performs this result in the opposite being true.

To reply to these questions with any great authority, you should define what’s needed of the manager when conducting the function of coach. To do this, it is advisable to examine all management activity which you will find three key areas: Managing, Leading and training.

These 3 activities are complimentary and therefore are needed to assist a great manager achieve their business objectives, by enabling a group to do in their best. You can make reference to these skills because the legs of the stool which a great manager sits.

When leading the manager creates and shares an image for the future using their team and helps to ensure that their activities are in line with getting about this change.

When managing they deliver leads to the organisation by manipulating the work from the team and saying yes and monitoring things like budgets, timescales and quality levels.

When coaching they support team people within their learning, in order to get the skills, understanding and attitude essential to effectively deliver their job responsibilities and goals.

You should observe that these 3 elements overlap because a few of the processes and skills which are utilized in an area will also be utilized in another. There might be occasions once the manager must use coaching skills to assist their team understand and take possession of quality levels or occasions when control over budgets requires strong leadership and vision.

Problems arise once the manager isn’t obvious about which approach is suitable inside a particular situation. For instance, if your coaching approach can be used when deadlines are tight or perhaps a crisis has come to light, time might be lost. If your management approach can be used whenever a team member makes an error, the training chance is going to be missed and also the mistake might be repeated.

All of this boils lower towards the inescapable fact that coaching is amazingly vital that you a manager’s role and also to be truly effective, they ought to acquire this unique skill. However, when they ignore the needs of management and leadership, they’ll ultimately fail.

So, to reply to the initial questions Are good managers effective coaches? I believe so. Does which make all effective coaches good managers? Not unless of course you are able to take a seat on a 1 legged stool!

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