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Privileged Access Management Is Entrusted To Trusted People

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Understanding the word privileged is important and this is because a privileged user is the person who has access to administrative critical systems. An individual who deletes email account or sets up an account on Microsoft Exchange server is considered to be a privilege user.

The privilege is extended only to trusted people such that these people are given the root privileges such as they can change the configurations in the system, change user accounts, install software or access secure data. The trust is done conditionally from a security angle taking into concern. It means even these trusted access should be monitored and controlled and also can be revoked anytime.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management is known as privileged account management as well.  In short it is PAM and this management keeps your organization or business absolutely safe from deliberate or accidental misuse from the privileged access.

The need for this check becomes inevitable when businesses are growing.  It becomes more complex when business become bigger and the IT systems bring in privileged users. These are your employees, automated users or contractors. In fact, many organizations have privileged users 2-3 times as many as their employees.

How is PAM useful

Some admin users override the current security protocols. It is a real vulnerability. There is big trouble if the administrators are smart enough to access the forbidden data, make unauthorized changes in the system and to hide actions.

These are inside threads, but the seriousness is more if an outsider gets access using the admin credentials. However, PAM offers the required solution to this problem by offering a streamlined and secure way of authorizing and monitoring the actions of privileged users from relevant systems.  Using PAM offers privilege to users to use only the authorized systems and this grant is given or revoked.

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