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It’s Time to Start Thinking Floor Mats for Your Building

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Autumn may not have officially arrived yet, but it is on the doorstep. That means the cold and snow are not far behind. Now is the time for you to start thinking about floor mats for your office building, retail outlet, or light industrial operation. A good supply of floor mats will keep visitors safe once winter arrives.

Alsco, a nationwide provider of uniforms and commercial linens, says that floor mats are not just for industrial environments where water and chemicals are ever-present. They are also for buildings that welcome the general public as visitors. We are talking shops and stores, doctors’ offices, restaurants, attorneys’ officers, etc. Any commercial building that receives visitors should have a selection of floor mats to cover every entrance.

You Need a No-Slip Surface

Regardless of where they are located, the point of commercial floor mats is to provide a no-slip surface for guests to walk on. The last thing a business owner wants or needs is customers slipping and falling on wet floors. Wet floors are an open invitation to broken bones and subsequent litigation.

Alsco explains that the need for no-slip surfaces is the impetus behind designing commercial floor mats with rubber backing. The rubber clings nicely to tile and concrete floors to provide a stable and safe walking surface. Moreover, the rubber is not prone to slippage even when subjected to rain, snow, and salt.

Floor Mat Rental

As the owner or manager of a commercial building, you can either purchase floor mats or rent them from a company like Alsco. Rental is very affordable, and it relieves you of the responsibility of having to clean the mats yourself. A typical service provider will schedule a weekly delivery of clean mats. The dirty ones are taken away, cleaned, and returned the following week.

If you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can even get floor mats emblazoned with your company logo. This makes for a good investment if you plan to use your floor mats year-round. Mats with the company logo present yet another opportunity for you to remind visitors of your brand. It is almost like free advertising using something you were planning to put in your building anyway.

Keeping Floor Mats Clean

Floor mat rental alleviates you of the responsibility of having to keep mats clean. Should you decide to buy your mats instead, you can rest assured that cleaning them isn’t extremely difficult or labor-intensive. Just note that you will have to have two sets of mats so that you can deploy one set while the other is being cleaned.

Cleaning a floor mat is as easy as hosing it down, scrubbing it with warm water and a light detergent, and then hosing it a second time. Then hang it up to dry in a location that allows water to run off and drain away. During the summer months, you may have to add something to the detergent to kill mold and mildew, especially in more tropical environments.

Floor Mats Are about Safety

Winter being just around the corner means it is time to start thinking about floor mats for your commercial building. Remember, it’s all about safety. The safer you make your premises, the less likely you are to face future problems after someone has slipped and fallen.

Keep in mind that you should have a floor mat for every entrance to your building. Make sure you cover every door that your visitors might use as well as those employee-only doors around the back. Your workers deserve a safe entryway as well.

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