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All About Hiring An Agency For HR Marketing

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When you are hiring employees for your company, you must focus on three consecutive steps – attraction, engagement and retention. With increasing competition, businesses are having a hard time, both in terms of hiring and retaining talent. For many firms, the struggle is more real, because they don’t always have the financial backing to offer fat paychecks. If your company is looking for the best talents, you have to focus on what is known as HR marketing. Human resource marketing is a comprehensive process, which focuses on promoting businesses as employer brands and redeveloping and renovating the process of hiring and retention.

This brings us to the question – should you hire a team for HR marketing or get a professional agency like sept24.com for the job? In this post, we will try and focus on the latter, but let’s talk of the pros and cons in detail.

Own team vs. marketing agencies

HR marketing is a highly concentrated process, and while it has similarities to traditional marketing, the approach needs to be different. The targeted audience in case of HR marketing are potential candidates and talents, who are smart enough to look beyond what’s offered on paper. They wouldn’t mind losing out on the salary, if that means adequate scope for growth. Marketing agencies have worked with brands of all sizes, and they have more experience, which can help in getting more from your HR marketing efforts. Hiring a team for the job may seem like a viable choice, but it doesn’t always work, because you have to manage a bigger team and the work cannot be evaluated based on other case studies. Marketing agencies are also more affordable to smaller brands.

Hiring a company

First and foremost, consider what you really need. Are you trying to focus on hiring process or want to become an employer brand first? What plans do you have for retaining talent? These are some of the relevant questions you need to ask before selecting a company or marketing agency for HR marketing. It is also important to evaluate and understand their process, what they can do for your business and what they have managed to achieve for other clients. Keep in mind that you are not trying to sell things here – dealing with real people who will eventually work for your company requires more expertise, and it’s best to get a team that understands HR marketing.

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