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All about General Insurance

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Your tangible assets are susceptible to damage. To protect them and secure them against the damages and loss, you need general insurance. The insurance policies cover all types of insurances under the purview of general insurance except the Life Insurance. Like other insurance policies, general insurance also comes with a premium payment and periodic renewal policies. There are a few common categories of general insurance such as Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance etc.

You do not need to think about spending on the premium payments for general insurance as the premiums are way lower than the Life Insurances and you always can have the benefits from the insurance policy you have enrolled to when required.

Compare General Insurance Policies

Whatever it is, if you are making an investment and want to take benefit out of it when needed, you should make a wise decision about choosing the policy. Once you compare the policies on Coverfox.com, you would be able to make the correct decision about the same.

The most used general insurances are motor insurance and Health Insurances. There are different factors important for each type of the insurances and based on these factors, you can compare your plans online. It is easy to compare the plans online than going to an Insurance Agent and asking the agent to help you choose a plan for you. The plan chosen through the agent will be always biased and not informed. By comparing the plans online, you could take an informed and unbiased decision for yourself.

Health Insurance Plan comparison – Through health insurance plan comparison, you get multiple options to explore online and get a platform to compare the insurance plans easily through the quotes from different insurance providers. You can compare your health insurance plan based on the features, benefits, and budgets. In the highly competitive insurance market, you get discounts on the premium paid and get a chance to save some hard-earned money. To get a quote online you just have to input a few requirements such as budget, the term of insurance etc. After inputting details, you get several quotes from the insurance providers. You should choose the plan that meets your requirement and pay for your premium online.

Motor Insurance Plan Comparison – You can compare the car insurance online by the free quotes offered by different insurance providers. If you know your card number, that would be sufficient to get the right quotes for your car. You can choose the quotes according to the important factors such as coverage, sum assured at the time of claim, renewal periods and pay for your insurance premiums online.

Before starting to compare the insurance provided by different insurance providers, you should know about your requirements. The health and motor insurances are essential and used for covering the expenses when you need the most. So comparing them and choosing the best one would be the wise way to go for any insurance plan.

Best General insurance Policy 2018

You get to choose your insurance plan from a variety of plans available online. There are a few plans, which are considered best for the year 2018 based on the coverages provided, sum assured at the time of claim, renewal policies, payment convenience etc. One of the most needed general insurance is motor insurance. There are many insurance providers in the industry and some of the insurance plans are as below.

ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd – It is designed to meet the need of the customers both in rural and urban areas. It provides coverage for the loss and damages from the natural and man-made damages. It also covers personal accident coverages and coverages for the damages to the third party. The claim settlement process is hassle-free.

TATA AIG GIC Ltd – There are many types of car insurances offered in this category. The plans are Auto Secure-Private Car Package Policy, Auto Secure-Two Wheeler Package Policy, Long-Term Two Wheeler Package Policy, and Auto Secure-Commercial Vehicle Package Policy. You can choose the insurances according to your choice.

The other types of insurance plans are Bajaj Allianz GIC limited, Bharti AXA general insurance, HDFC ERGO general insurance etc.

To keep yourself and your family happy, you should keep your assets safe along with everything else.  You should enroll yourself with all types of general insurances, which are available at affordable prices for a certain term, it provides security and safety for all your properties and against all the expensive health-related expenses.

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